Security Guard at School

The safety of students and faculty is one of the top priorities on a school campus. Merrimack Valley Guard Service has been protecting students, faculty and property on campuses in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for over thirty years.

Our extensive security background allows us to address potential trouble spots on campus before they become a problem. MVGS offers a variety of security solutions to schools, colleges and universities some of which include uniformed patrol services, vehicle patrol services, and escort services. Merrimack Valley Guard service will partner with you to create a safe education environment for your students and faculty.

Event Security

Merrimack Valley Guard Service provides a full range of services for the entertainment, corporate function and sports industry. All of our security officers are trained to be courteous and professional while securing public and private events.

Security for your venues can include uniformed guarding, access control, crowd and parking control, event management and coordination with local law enforcement and medical personnel.

Financial Institution Security

We know security is the number one priority at your financial institution. MVGS has a comprehensive approach to financial security solutions that allows us to use our expertise to customize a security package that will be the most cost effective for your facility.

Protecting our clients is our mission. We will exceed your expectations with our specialized financial security solutions, offering armed and unarmed guards, investigations, personal escorts, executive protection, mobile patrols, and 24-hour emergency staffing.

Healthcare Facility Security

Merrimack Valley Guard Service is able to give healthcare institutions the safe and secure environment they deserve. MVGS will collaborate with the onsite staff at your healthcare facility to ensure a long-term security partnership.

MVGS security officers will provide facility patrols, incident response, and visitor assistance and help protect the overall safety and security of your healthcare institution. We will help identify potential and protect sensitive areas of your facility like such as infant and pediatric units, pharmacies, communication centers, psychiatric areas, emergency departments, detox units, financial offices, parking facilities and power plants.

High Tech Security

The high tech industry is fast paced and varied and so is Merrimack Valley Guard Service when protecting your facility, workers and customers. MVGS understands the needs for tight security in the high tech world.

There are many challenges that we will meet head-on to provide your company the security it needs. We will provide a safe and productive work environment through top quality security practices, from access control, property protection, theft, and general safety. Merrimack Valley Guard Service is your security partner for the high tech world.

Commercial Real Estate Security

For over forty years, Merrimack Valley Guard Service has protected commercial real state in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, providing security for building owners and managers.

Our track record of excellence in this segment of the security industry has made us the number one security solution to protect commercial real estate from, theft, break-ins, and vandalism. MVGS offerson-site security, random building patrols, alarm response and building openings and closings.

Logistics Security

Stopping the threats to your supply chain is Merrimack Valley Guard Service's business. Whether it is cargo theft, product theft, employee theft, property damage, organized crime or tampering, we have a comprehensive security solution for your business.

MVGS will identify threats to your supply chain and facility by working closely with your management team. We will organize a solution to put a stop to your losses in a minimal amount of time and expenditure. MVGS understands that your supply chain is your business and we will secure it with our comprehensive understanding of the security measures that will be needed.

Retail Security

Merrimack Valley Guard Service stops retail theft in its tracks using comprehensive strategies and forty years of loss prevention experience. Every year over a billion dollars of goods are stolen from retail stores in America.

MVGS will work with you to create an asset protection program to stop shoplifting, employee theft, and prevent further loss to your hard earned bottom line. We will identify how you are being stolen from and come up with a multi-pronged strategy to detect and deter further theft at your reatil store.

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